Welcome to GEOINFO as our new distributor in Switzerland and Austria!

GEOINFO is a leading service partner in the digital world. Their core competencies include IT services, software development, surveying, digital construction, civil engineering, and railway construction engineering. Their creative network with companies of a manageable size has a unique service portfolio and is constantly developing new innovative solutions.

“With GEOINFO’s extensive knowledge in both surveying and machine control, we have a partner with the common goal of developing innovative solutions for the Swizz and Austrian markets. We are very much looking forward to our collaboration with GEOINFO” – Lars Jørgensen, Sales Manager DACH.

We are proud to welcome GEOINFO to our international family of distributors. There are exciting times ahead in Switzerland and Austria.

Contact info:

Unicontrol, Lars Jørgensen, Sales Manager DACH: Lars Jørgensen, +45 81 98 55 57, lars.jorgensen@unicontrol.io

Sales Responsible in Switzerland: David Zimmermann, +41 71 987 68 63, david.zimmermann@geoinfo.ch

Sales Responsible in Austria: Matthias Lietze, +43 664 420 10 40, matthias.lietze@geoinfo.ch

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