The only system offering full support of the swing boom – Unicontrol

The only system offering full support of the swing boom

Surely the point of machine control is for it to support the most important functionalities of an excavator. Yet Unicontrol3D remains the only system supporting the swing boom – a crucial feature for many operators in the industry.

The swing boom is one of the major advantages of a compact excavator. It simply creates the necessary flexibility needed for digging around potential obstacles. Check out how the operator is able to closely monitor the movements of the swing boom in this short film clip.

Our system makes it possible for the operator to maximize the swing boom functionality and its flexibility. A dedicated sensor attached to the swing boom measures and determines exactly where to dig. The operator is able to read trusted data in real time, when the bucket moves – and is thereby informed in which direction to send it.

We’re passionate about helping contractors and operators make the most of their excavators. Supporting the swing boom is a unique feature of ours that we’re especially pleased to bring to the market.

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