Machine control for all types of excavators. 
Developed in collaboration with contractors.
An easy system

With Unicontrol3D, you'll be ready to dig in no time. The system's introduction can be done on the site and used straight away - a tool that makes a significant difference for the operator and the contractor.

One mistake less

Unicontrol3D helps the contractor with manageable data collection, precise documentation, and high-quality assurance.

It should be easy to dig a hole

Digitalization has to be user-friendly - this is the essence of our system with a simple interface based on high technology.

Quick support

We can quickly help you through remote support on the flexible tablet. Our talented support team is always ready to find a solution as fast as possible so that you can continue with your work!


About Unicontrol3D

Unicontrol3D is a flexible, reliable, and simple machine control system. With user-friendly technology, the workday becomes much easier for the operator, and the quality assurance both faster and more accurate.

Unicontrol3D is the only system on the market, providing full support of the swing boom and guarantee the best functionality and flexibility for smaller excavators. Unicontrol3D saves time and resources and delivers exact data for excavation. Machine control is made simple.


Dion Munksgaard​

Construction Manager, CG Jensen

It’s really a reasonable product that is not too technical for the operators that are actually using the system in the field.

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Lars Thomsen

Surveyor, Harry Andersen & Søn

We will definitely recommend the system to other contractors! Unicontrol3D has helped us to reduce extra resources.

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Jens Hoffmann

Machine Operator, Optimus Anlæg

It’s a simple system to learn and use, also for people who are not as sharp to technology, and the team is extremely good at helping online.

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The benefits of Unicontrol3D

Easy to use

Our core goal is to make the operator’s work easier. With that in mind, we’ve created a highly user-friendly system with an intuitive interface. The system is quick and straightforward to set up – it won’t take you long to be up and running.

Cost-saving tool

Unicontrol3D minimizes the need for a construction worker working outside the excavator. The operator can independently see where to dig on the spot and provide detailed documentation for quality assurance. Unicontrol3D saves time and money.

Great service

We know that it takes time when learning something new. That’s why our excellent support team is always here to help, should you have any questions!


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