Unicontrol – Machine control made simple!

Unicontrol 3D

Machine control for all types of excavators.

Developed in collaboration with contractors.


The benefits of Unicontrol 3D

Easy to use

Our core goal is to make the operator's work-life easier. With that in mind, we've created a highly user-friendly system with an intuitive interface. The system is quick and simple to set up - it won’t take you long to be up and running.

Cost-saving tool

Unicontrol 3D minimizes need for a construction worker, working outside the excavator. The operator is independently able to see exactly where to dig on the spot and provide detailed documentation for quality assurance.

Great service

We know that it takes time when learning something new. That’s why our great support team is always here to help, should you have any questions!

About Unicontrol 3D

Unicontrol specializes in machine control for all types of excavators. We assure a flexible, solid, and simple system. With user-friendly technology, the workday becomes much easier for the operator – and the quality assurance both faster and more accurate. 

Unicontrol 3D is the only system on the market providing full support of the swing-boom. We guarantee the best functionality and flexibility for smaller excavators. Unicontrol 3D saves time, resources and delivers exact data for excavation. It’s machine control made simple.

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Dion Munksgaard

Byggeleder, CG Jensen

Det er et fornuftigt produkt, der ikke er for teknisk i forhold til de mennesker der skal bruge det i marken.

Lars Thomsen

Landmåler, Harry Andersen & Søn

Vi vil helt klart anbefale systemet til andre. For Harry Andersen har det betydet en reducering i ressourcerne.


New, Nordic ConTech partnership brings Unicontrol...

Unicontrol signed a partnership agreement with a Swedish supplier of machine control technology, L5 Navigation. The partnership will bring Unicontrol 3D to the rest of Scandinavia.  The new...

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Launching our cloud-based storage...

This week we’re launching our cloud-based storage solution, which has been in the making ever since Unicontrol3D was first developed. It is necessary for the system to be connected with a safe,...

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Great results from our first customer...

We have just had our first anniversary since launch of Unicontrol3D September 2019. To mark the occasion, we decided to carry out our first in depth customer satisfaction survey. As a start-up,...

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