3D machine control combines the jobsite with an intuitive digital solution inside the cab of your machine, enabling operators to make their earthmoving tasks precise and avoid rework!

With GPS antennas mounted on the machine, and IMU sensors on every moving part, machine control offers a solution to closely monitor your earthmoving tasks according to your particular environment and task in real-time. Our system supports all tilt rotators on the market and we were the first on the market to make a system compatible with swing boom.

With 3D machine control the machine will be able to operate with higher precision by digging or grading according to design files on the tablet inside the cab. Machine control optimizes and simplifyes work for the operator.

The operator’s day will become more simple and more productive with Unicontrol3D.

The sensors on the boom, arm, and bucket provide the operator with a precise position of the bucket edge at all times. You can instantly compare the actual depth, location, and other measurements with the design file without leaving the cab or the assistance of a surveyor.

You can operate with faster cycles and higher precision. With Unicontrol3D, you will know precisely how deep you dig and at what gradient, which means that you are always in control of your earthmoving task. 3D machine controls offer the possibility to make design files directly from the cab, which enables you to operate with precision and follow up with control measurements!

The tablet inside the machine provides easy access to design files transferred from the office to the machine and ensures that the task on the job site is executed precisely as intended the first time!

Avoid going over the same work multiple times when working according to pre-planned designs, which also means lower operating- and labor costs when allowing operators to work independently and accurately.

With a cloud solution as the backbone of all the job site processes and machines, machine control will offer a more intelligent way for contractors to manage their machine fleet’s tasks and improve collaboration between operators. Essentially, the cloud solution provides a real-life sharing of points and lines, creating efficient collaboration on the job site!

It will take you approx. 30 minutes to get to know the system, and you will be digging in no time. We also have experience with online training if you need help as you go along.

Have a look at our QuickGuide.

Our cloud solution will ensure quality in your work. 

  • Remotely send a file from your office to the machine
  • Update the design data of all machines in one simple click
  • We can help you through remote control on the spot 
  • Ensure photo documentation
  • Create a paperless construction 

Unicontrol3D is the only machine control system on the market that supports all types of excavators and wheel loaders.