3D machine control is the future in the construction industry. 

A machine control system is a tool for construction machinery run by a 3D model, ensuring an effective work process by avoiding extra do-overs. 

The surveyor can make a 3D drawing for machine control with precise data so that you can save an extra workforce. The whole work process will be automatically documented, thus ensuring quality. 

Unicontrol3D machine control system can increase work productivity by reducing extra work due to imprecise measurements and ensuring that the operator is more independent with more responsibility. Also, Unicontrol3D can quickly help you with quality assurance with our Unicontrol Cloud that comes with the whole package. 

It will take you approx. 30 minutes to get to know the system, and you will be digging in no time. We also have experience with online training if you need help as you go along.

Have a look at our QuickGuide.

Our cloud solution will ensure quality in your work. 

  • Remotely send a file from your office to the machine
  • Update the design data of all machines in one simple click
  • We can help you through remote control on the spot 
  • Ensure photo documentation
  • Create a paperless construction 

Unicontrol3D is the only machine control system on the market that supports all types of excavators and wheel loaders.