Congratulations to our new Software Developer – Unicontrol

Congratulations to our new Software Developer

ClausSome good news during Corona-days: Congratulations to Claus, our clever Software Developer on his PhD in Quantum Biology and Computational Physics. The thesis ‘A Study of Magnetoreceptor Capabilities of Biological Systems’ was defended virtually yesterday – and we’re very impressed with him. In his PhD studies he investigated the molecules currently thought to be responsible for the magnetic compass sense used by migratory song birds for navigation. That’s basically trying to understand how migrating birds find their way, so we’re confident he can ensure the bucket of a compact excavator finds an accurate point!


Claus has just joined the team and is currently working on our 3D navigation system to further improve it. He has worked for years as a developer and brings some great expertise to the team. At the moment, Claus is busy finetuning the code that processes the sensor input and shows the user e.g. where the tip of the bucket is. Of course Unicontrol 3D does that very well already, but it’s about perfecting the system.


We’re always developing and have great plans to utilize Claus’ amazing math skills to make some new and creative solutions for our customers. Watch this space!