Improve collaboration, optimize productivity, and reduce downtime

Obtain a complete digital overview of your machines and GNSS rovers. UnicontrolCloud allows you to upload project data, design files and work with as-built information quickly and easily. Surfaces, points and lines are stored in the cloud. These can be named to reflect the specific obstacle you want to avoid, and you can choose whether they’re visible on your current project or not. 

Manage all your machines and the many design files from the office without wasting time travelling between workstations to transfer data. UnicontrolCloud is the perfect 3D machine control assistant.


All data is stored in UnicontrolCloud

UnicontrolCloud lets you have centralized control over your construction site. The platform enables you to send design files from your office directly to the machine operators on site, so you wont have to walk between machines to transfer data, saving you time and hassle. Operators and surveyors can upload project data, points and lines, and as-built information from their machine or rover. Everyone with access to the cloud can collaborate with each other and improve productivity with great teamwork.

Minimal downtime with machine diagnostics

With UnicontrolCloud your distributor gets a complete overview of the health of your machines. The system offers diagnostics and continuous health checks on all operating machines in your fleet, which ensures minimal downtime during breakdowns.  

Over-the-air support is easier than ever. Our support team can access diagnostics data from your machine and help solve the issue remotely. Quick support lets you get back to work in no time.

Easy collaboration with Infrakit

Do your machines operate on a large project with different machine control systems? No problem. UnicontrolCloud supports Infrakit, an accessible platform that allows machine operators to cooperate with each other no matter which machine control software they use.  

With real time exchange of data and information, you improve efficiency and quality. No more paper waste, walks between machines, and downtime while you wait for necessary data to continue the job. Fetch design files from Infrakit and send as-built information and machine localization to Infrakit automatically. 

Less rework

When working with design files or setting points, you need a precise measurement of where you are to minimize the risk of mistakes. Remote NTRIP configuration via UnicontrolCloud gives reliable RTK corrections, so you can dig or grade with precision. This ensures that you get all the best prerequisites to do the job right the first time 

How UnicontrolCloud
will benefit you


The platform lets you seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues. Sending and receiving data is faster than ever, so you can spend more time getting the job done! 

Machine Owner

Centralized control ensures that you know how your machines are operating and which challenges your machine operators face on the jobsite. 


You can upload design files straight to the operators and their machine with UnicontrolCloud. View and export as-built information that the operators have logged while working.


You have access to all your customers and their machines from UnicontrolCloud, which makes it easy to give first-class support and customer service.  


Unicontrol’s cloud ensures operational reliability and machine backup. If necessary, we can quickly help you to restore the documentation.  


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