Unicontrol 3D supports Rototilt tiltrotator

When investing in an excavator, tiltrotators have become a popular and mainstream attachment to further enhance flexibility and efficiency. Combined with Unicontrol 3D machine control it really can’t get much easier to complete an accurate and fully documented job.
Unicontrol 3D has supported Engcon’s tiltrotator since August 20. We’re developing fast in dialogue with customers, who gave us great feedback in this integration. Tiltrotators are different and require special attention to achieve the best integration. Thatøs why we’re pleased that we have now branched out to support Rototilt’s tiltrotator.
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Wheel excavator with 8 sensors

Our system is a product in constant development. This week we installed and calibrated our first system on a wheel excavator, which furthermore had both dual and swing boom. This combination of functionalities was also new for us – and the above beauty of a wheel excavator became the machine, we have installed the most sensors on so far.

Unicontrol3D is a complex navigation system, operating and guiding the operator via high-quality sensors attached to all available functionalities. In this case, the Takeuchi TB295W has no less than 8 sensors attached across the machine: One on pitch/role, one on the swingboom – and one for the boom, dual boom, and stick. There is a sensor on the bucket, one on the tilt, and finally one on the Engcon tilt rotator. Two crucial GNSS receivers ensure the necessary signal for all sensors to work out where the bucket is. The system is detachable and can be installed on another excavator if needed.

We’re pleased to report that our system is running smoothly with this new combination of dual and swing boom – and wish MVN Enterprise all the best with Unicontrol3D.

MVN Enterprise purchased their system via dealer GeoNav, but please get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more about Unicontrol3D.


The only system offering full support of the swing boom

Surely the point of machine control is for it to support the most important functionalities of an excavator. Yet Unicontrol3D remains the only system supporting the swing boom – a crucial feature for many operators in the industry.

The swing boom is one of the major advantages of a compact excavator. It simply creates the necessary flexibility needed for digging around potential obstacles. Check out how the operator can closely monitor the movements of the swing boom in this short film clip.

Our system makes it possible for the operator to maximize the swing boom functionality and its flexibility. A dedicated sensor attached to the swing boom measures and determines exactly where to dig. The operator can read trusted data in real-time when the bucket moves – and is thereby informed in which direction to send it.

We’re passionate about helping contractors and operators make the most of their excavators. Supporting the swing boom is a unique feature of ours that we’re especially pleased to bring to the market.

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Supporting excavators with city boom

This week, we have calibrated our two first systems for excavators with a city boom for Skjern Maskinforetning A/S. They will be used for a big project in Western Jutland, Denmark, preparing the grounds for a large waterpark.

The city boom is designed to increase the flexibility of the excavator – and makes more space for the bucket as it allows it to come closer to the cabin. That’s the reason why it is especially useful when working in the city, where the space needed to reverse may be a challenge.

With regards to a 3D navigation system, it requires a little extra mathematical modeling to adapt the system to the flexibility of the city boom. Our system is on an exciting journey and taking off in the construction industry – and so we need to meet our customers’ needs, where possible. We’re excited that we’re now able to offer a great, user-friendly 3D navigation system to customers using excavators with city boom.

You’re always welcome to contact us for an informal chat about what we can do for you. We are keen to work with contractors and operators as much as possible – and try our best to meet the needs of our customers.


A wise investment

The Corona crisis is currently affecting us all – and everyone is worried about the financial consequences of the global lock-down, that countries all over the world have had to face these past few weeks. If a financial crisis will hit us badly, now it’s time to be thinking ahead and preparing for tough times. Our 3D navigation system could prove a very wise investment to secure businesses by saving costs – and providing the tools necessary for the future.

Yes, it may seem an expensive tool – but it’s a tool that quickly repays itself. Anders from AJ Services agrees:
“We have already saved a lot on labor costs because we don’t need a man with a rover. I can work the excavator on my own and manage the first two days of work independently. Compared to the price of similar systems – with a much lesser user-friendly interface, Unicontrol 3D has been the right choice for me”.

Our system comes at a very fair price – please get in touch if you would like more information.


Garden and Landscape Fair 2019

The world premiere!

We were very excited to receive the visitors at our stand at Landscape Fair 2019, 28th and 30th of August. It was time to present a whole year’s work to contractors, machine operators, and others with an interest in a 3D machine control system.

And we are grateful for all of you who stopped by with interest, questions, and excitement! Thank you!

So why is the machine control system so special, why choose Unicontrol?

It’s simple, efficient, and with automatic data that will assure quality assurance. It supports compact excavators under 15t with swing-boom.

Unicontrol 3D was missing on the market!

Our goal is to make the operator’s job easier.

Thanks to all who stopped by, we are looking forward to meeting you all again.


Launching our cloud-based storage solution

This week we’re launching our cloud-based storage solution, which has been in the making ever since Unicontrol3D was first developed. The system must be connected with a safe, reliable platform that enables central data management. 

Our customers use Unicontrol3D daily, which as a result generates large amounts of data constantly. Project data is dynamic and requires an infrastructure able to handle the data in real-time to offer the user maximized productivity and match the growing requirements for quality assurance. With our direct cloud solution, you’ve got access to your data at all times in real-time.

 We wanted to ensure a certain standard for our cloud-solution, before a formal launch. The cloud is developed as a product fully in line with our Unicontrol brand and is as such distinguished by the following benefits:

 – Simplicity in design of set-up throughout the platform, which offers our customers an extremely user-friendly journey. Just like the Unicontrol3D app, our storage solution covers all aspects of necessary reporting tools but is designed to be easily accessible for users at all levels. The Unicontrol cloud-solution does not overwhelm the user with multiple layers, but rather a highly intuitive and very straightforward approach.

 – When we say real-time data-access, we mean real-time data access. Our high-quality sensors attached to the excavator ensure that the work of the operator is trackable as the machine is doing the work. The data is available there and then.

 – We like to ensure our customers a competitive price, which is why our basic cloud is free of charge covering in- and outgoing data between Unicontrol3D and the cloud.

 Our cloud solution adds a great layer to the Unicontrol3D package – and will ensure ideal data handling for everyone involved in your project. 3D navigation combined with a cloud-based storage solution is essential for everyone in modern-day construction. 

 Please get in touch for more information about Unicontrol3D to find out how we can help your business.