About us – Unicontrol

About us

We’re here to make the operator’s job easier by focusing on innovation, technology, and quality. With close collaboration with our customers, we have developed a simple machine control system which ensures more independence for the operator.

Our vision is to be the worlds leading manufacturer of a simple 3D-GPS machine control system for all types of excavators. We want to prove that machine control can be made simple.

Honesty, Determination, and Innovation are our core values. We are down-to-earth, dedicated, and hard-working professionals, challenging the industry conventions that a machine control should be complex and over-expensive. We’ve initiated radical innovation that changes the realities of the construction industry.


A simple system

The system has to be intuitive. This was the most important milestone when we decided to develop a 3D-GPS system for all types of excavators. Our main considerations are the user and the company, who will eventually use the system, rather than developing another polished system stacked with functions that look good.

Our mission was to create a system that could be learned quickly and applied immediately, in the construction field. A tool that is easily applicable, providing a real difference on an everyday basis for the operator and entrepreneur.


Easy to grasp

We knew that wrestling with complex and technical language is not something the excavator operator wants to spend time on. To simplify the operator’s tasks and increase independence, where he/she could be able to control the workflow, our focus is to simplify interfaces and user experience. As a result, Unicontrol 3D is quickly understood and applied – even through online introduction of our system.


One mistake less

Besides helping the operator to do the job easier and faster, our aim is to help contractors collect and provide accurate documentation for their clients. Fewer mistakes create opportunities – and our experience shows that comprehensive data collection, accurate documentation, and high-quality assurance are keywords for all contractors, leading them towards becoming preferred suppliers for their customers.

Digging a hole should be easy

Digitalization in the construction industry has just begun and it is extremely exciting. Still, our experience of the market shows that many systems are developed without taking the user into account. User-friendly digitalization is our mantra. Hence, our success criteria have been to develop a simple-to-use GPS system by developing a simplistic interface consisting of advanced technology.

It is that simple

To develop a complex system does not make any sense to us. For that reason, the installation and start-up are effortless, followed by accurate documentation. Innovation is amongst other things about developing an advanced system yet at the same time a system easy to operate. That is our main concern – making it easier for everyone

We strive to make the machine operator as independent as possible!